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Haters Without Borders

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question [Jun. 28th, 2006|12:04 pm]
Haters Without Borders

Is it me or does Mike Cameron look like a black gobot in this picture?
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Only shit my people would do [Jun. 8th, 2006|11:31 am]
Haters Without Borders


Of course it presented by a beer, i'm surprised that its not cosponsored by planned parenthood
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2005|08:19 am]
Haters Without Borders

[mood |naughtyhatin aint easy]

to the A, C, E train.
thanks for being there for me. and when i say be there for me i mean have a fire that shuts down the entire 8th ave line. making me late for work.

to the 2/3 line.
thanks for having so many smelly foreign people on it. they let me know my ancestors were correct in coming to this side of the planet.

to foreign people.
thanks for adding to the rich tapestry that is this country.
But two pieces of advice.
1. Obey the rules of the land by using under-arm deordorant.
2. Garlic is never to be used a a cologne.
now go the fuck home.

to too many latin men ages 19-27.
cut your hair, stop wearing t-shirts as dresses, get a job, pull up your pants, spend more time reading then trying to find a new ringtone or that new song to put on yuor Ipod. Having a kid at 17 is not funny or cool. Stop making me think of buying a shotgun for some "ethnic house cleaning". stop wearing white sneakers! (it after fucking labor day) Stop wearing windbreaker pants....10 dudes in wind breaker pants sounds like the back ground beat to a NIN song.

to too many American black men.
stop making fun of black africans, they are prob better educated and smarter then you.

to too many black africans.
stop making fun of american black men because they didnt have it as bad as you.

to rev run
i much rather remember you the way you were.....and not as the new blacula. (see his new video)

to the people in crowded bars.
I am a solid object, i must obey the laws of physics, i cannot phase through you like a ghost, when i say "excuse me" that means "bitch move the fuck out of my way or i will bitch slapping you and or your hipster b/f or g/f"

to white men

to white women ( in different sections)
(normally) Whats your name?
(25% of barnard) No you cant meet my sister and no you cant work the door your 5'1.
(hippie girls/ phish heads) dreadlocks are not for everyone
(Boston red sox fans) you were cute until i saw that hat/shirt/nacklace/tattoo.
(Ortho jews) good luck with that. *backs away slowly*

i am not a racist, homophobe or sexist. I hate everyone equally.
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sorta mad [Oct. 4th, 2005|09:35 am]
Haters Without Borders

I saw the cover of the new "Latina Magazine".

And freddie prince Jr. is sharing the cover with a woman i dont know.


that guys has been latino for like 20 years.

His dad was the man and could have prob been the greatest latin comic of all time......but he decided to die.

and fred is milking whatever his olive skin DNA could give him to help his career.

piece of shit.

He belong on the cover of Golf Digest, best new caddies of 2005
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2005|11:36 am]
Haters Without Borders

These days there are alot of charity wrist bands.....livestrong yellow....breast cancer pink...and the original WWJD (what would jesus do?)

I thought we could make another..WWT$D (What would Too $hort do?)
This would raise money for a retirement fund for old and out of work "street walkers".
A min of 5 years has to be put into the job to be able to get anythign from it. But it could prob work.

The new wrist band would also come with a optional 3x3 inch rubber square....to be places on the back of the hand.
This is to prevent you hand from getting all red and bruised from all the potential bitch slapping.

just an idea.
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Jesus Fucking Christ! [Sep. 22nd, 2005|05:00 pm]
Haters Without Borders

if i hear one more thing about about fucking mix tapes and other mushy related bullshit i might start bitch slapping.

Be Happy....but its a mix tape people!!!!

Make a great mix tape...so good that she gives you ANAL....twice....and be happy.

I really wish i had a laser that could give people cancer.....cureable cancer.....but cancer non the less.

I bet Cancer of the ass makes you cry more then Death cab for cutie
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not hate of my own...but must be said [Sep. 19th, 2005|12:56 pm]
Haters Without Borders

in a convo i had with Denzil and Jonny B.

Denzil: The irish are the black people of the white world.
Jonny: Yean thats true...but the Italians are pretty bad.
Denzil: Well, the Italians are the niggers of the white of the white world. Just think about it.
Me: holy shit...it all makes sense now.
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(no subject) [Sep. 14th, 2005|10:49 am]
Haters Without Borders

Yo, haters:

I just spruced up the layout of our dear HWB community. The color theme is "Deep MeloDrama"... perfect, no?

Hot hot hot!

edit: it's now back to a BORING COLOR SCHEME because hoolifan is a brat, too insecure in his masculinity to handle the TRUTH of DEEP MELODRAMA. Ass.
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thanks to hookedon for reminding me [Sep. 8th, 2005|11:36 am]
Haters Without Borders

The 42nd street staion for the A,C,E lines is what i would consider a training camp for weirdos.

This morning there was a woman....in normal dress...she dint look like a crackhead or anything.
She was singing soemthing about jesus, like "jesus is the answer for all of us today"
thats not the problem.

I am not super religious...i do believe in some sort of higher power and i generally give the big JC the nod.

But jesus would def want someone using his name to come up with a better song!!!

The song had no other words then "jesus is the answer for all of us today".

Now...think about how many times you can say that in a 20 mins span.

about 15 mins in....i was praying. Praying for the lord Jesus.....to send me a hammer...a nice one...like a craftsmen.

So i can take the divine hammer....and beat that singing bitch over the head with it. I am not kidding.

The only thing i could think of was the joy i would get from hitting this woman with the hook side of a hammer AND the silence it would product once i was done.

That would have been a miracle and my morning rush.
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(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2005|11:01 am]
Haters Without Borders

this was a post i did on touchfaith's LJ a few days ago.
I figured it was hateful enough for this group. I might do more....i just need sopme cities to be suggested.

Santa Cruz, CA
"Aside from having some of best homegrown weed in all of CA.
SC's 2 biggest exports are hemp clothing and crazy white women.
The 2 collide and coexist in many of the new up and coming coffee shops in the area. At the same time you can be getting you double expresso latte with extra non fat-soy-organic-local farmer produced cream like foam, you can be listening to a dread-locked neo-suicide girl read a poem she wrote about the first guy who ever felt her up. At the same time, you can scan the room for 6th year post grads that havent seen a woman in so long the girl on stage doing her own poetry slam is giving them wood the size of a hardcover copy of Marcel Proust's REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST."

passage taken from "The Haters Guide to Northern Cali" (work in progress)
by G M Ruiz and co-written by Dennis Miller.
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